What do we do?

Except a burning desire to keep you updated with all the latest news about cutting and cow horse in an easy way, CowSense.se has both heart, soul and body into the sport.

With almost a lifetime of experiences from horses and almost 25 years of producing news we now try to combine the best of our two worlds, profession and skills and the love of cutting and cow horse.

We try to make the sport grow by building a good foundation of training, information and opportunities for everyone who has the same urge as ourselves, to be a good horse person, a skilled rider and to be able to read a cow.

To make that happened we try to get the best people we know about, to help us reach our goals.

CowSense.se is more than a news site its all we are interested in, cutting and cow horse and we like to share it with you. We really hope you will enjoy your stay here at our website and that you will find it both amusing and informative and our wish is that it will help you reach your goals, that’s our goal.

Stay in the saddle and join CowSense.se