Learning how – DVD review


Egor to learn, but living far away from a good trainer? A dvd can never replace a real trainer, but for sure it can help you get the basics straight and help you and your horse on the right track while practising on your own.

We have scrolled the market of training dvd’s and this is what we found:


Matt & Paul Teaching the Basics – Part I  $100 DVD (in USA)

Matt Gaines and Paul Hansma teaching the basics, part one. Learn basic techniques and philosophies for training 2 and 3 year olds from nationally renown cutting horse trainers Matt Gaines and Paul Hansma. Part I focuses on instilling a solid foundation in two year olds and continues with preparing 3 year olds for futurities.


Matt & Paul Teaching the Basics – Part II $100 DVD (in USA)

Matt Gaines and Paul Hansma teaching the basics, part one. Learn basic techniques and philosophies for advanced training of 4 year olds and older from nationally renown cutting horse trainers Matt Gaines and Pual Hansma. Part II focuses on preparing your horses to compete week in and week out and/or at aged events.

At Backfence videos you’ll find almost everything, not only training videos, but tribute to some legendary horses as well as all the show runs from all the big events, it’s a goldmine for every cutter looking for inspiration and knowledge!


Showing with Austin Shepard $100 DVD (in USA)

Learn from Leading Money Earner and “Master Showman” Austin Shepard as he shares his training and showing philosophy. Shepard examines a diverse collection of his more memorable runs and deails what went right – what went wrong – explaining what he does to prepare himself and his horse to step up and give their very best performance!


Hip To Be Square with Roger Wagner $100 DVD (in USA)

Million dollar cutting trainer lays in on the line: Square Pen vs Round Pen.


Leonharrel1 leonharrel

Leon Harrel “Seriously Horseplay” – for amateur cutters $65 incl shipping (in USA)

Learn firsthand in this brand new video as Leon guides you through:
• Selecting and purchasing a cutting horse – Breeding, conformation, prepurchase exam, care, and maintenance
• Proper equipment – Saddles, pads, bits, boots, spurs, etc.
• Insights on selecting the right trainers and training programs
• Horsemanship basics – Rein management, hand leg coordination, angles, positioning and timing
• Fun and effective exercises you can do at home – With and without cattle
• Purpose and proper utilization of flag work
• EVERYTHING you need to know about showing – How to prepare, what to take, what to expect when you


Larry Trocha – “Cutting Horse Know How” – Online Video & Audio Series (4 hours)
1-year membership: $147
How to ride, train, tune, fix problems and show your cutting horse.

The course contains “46″ high-quality instructional videos and audios (over 4 hours) that are viewed online via the internet.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

•How to consistently make good clean cuts in the middle of the pen.
•How to control and manipulate the herd so you can cut the cow you want.
•How to fix a horse that “rounds the turns” and “leaks” up the pen.
•How to improve horses that don’t hold their stop.
•Tacking the horse up and properly adjusting the equipment.
•What cues to use to effectively “operate” your cutting horse.
•How to fix horses that constantly “miss” a cow.
•Correct posture in the saddle… plus leg and seat control.
•How to dramatically improve your balance when riding a cutting horse.
•How to read and identify cattle.
•Correct saddle design and fit for both horse and rider.
•How to fix a horse that “fades off” the cow too much.
•Tips for gaining confidence and overcoming “show nerves”.

Larry Trocha offers a big range of training videos for almost everything within cutting, cow horse and reining.



Bill Riddle – Beyond the Basics DVD: $70.00 $7.50 S&H (USA) OR $22.00 S&H Priority (International)

NCHA Hall of Fame Trainer, Bill Riddle is also a professionally trained clinician with superior training techniques and a compelling passion to teach today’s aspiring horseman.  He expands Beyond the Basics (see below) from the   “Know
• How to the Know Why!”

• Learn where to go and how to get there.
• Learn how your horse thinks, how he sees and how he responds to specific training methods.
• Learn what judges look for in your run.
• Learn to work the flag correctly.
• Running Time – One Hour and 40 Minutes!

Bill Riddle: NCHA Hall of Fame Rider, Professional Cutting Horse Trainer for over 30 years, Earnings in excess of $4,000,000