Showbill for Ranch Horse Classic

Showbill RHC 2014

Reservations for changes

Classes with * is included in AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse.
Classes with ^ is included in Versatility Ranch Horse.
Classes with ~ is included in Bridle Spectacular Open.

Wednesday June 25, start 09.00

1a. NCHA Cutting Non Pro
1b. AQHA Cutting Amateur
2. RHC Pole Bending, 1:st go
3a. AQHA Ranch Horse Pleasure
3b. RHC Ranch Horse Pleasure
4a. AQHA Working Cowhorse Open
4b. RHC Working Cowhorse Open
5. RHC Dummy Stopping 1:st go
6a. *AQHA Ranch Cutting Open
6b. ^RHC Ranch Cutting Open
6c. RHC Ranch Cutting
7. RHC Non Pro Limited Cowhorse
8. RHC Ranch Sorting, 1st go

Thursday June 26, start 09.00

9. RHC Ranch Trail
10a. NCHA Cutting Open
10b. ~RHC Bridle Spectacular Open, part 1 Herdwork
11. RHC Pole Bending, 2:nd go
12. RHC Dummy Stopping, 2:nd go
13a. *AQHA Working Ranch Horse Open
13b. ^RHC Working Ranch Horse
14. ~RHC Bridle Spectacular Open, part 2 Reining
15. RHC Barrel Race 1:st go
16. RHC Ranch Sorting, 2:nd go

Friday June 27, start 09.00

17a. *AQHA Ranch Trail
17b. ^RHC Ranch Trail
18a. *AQHA Ranch Riding
18b. ^RHC Ranch Riding
19. NCHA Cutting $.10.000 Limited rider/Any Horse
20. RHC Barrel Race, 2:nd go
21. RHC Snafflebit/Hackamore Cowhorse
22. RHC Dummy Tying, 1:a go
23a. *AQHA Ranch Conformation Open
23b. ^RHC Ranch Conformation
24. RHC Team Penning 1:st go
25. RHC Ranch Sorting Semi final
26. RHC Last Man Standing

Saturday June 28, start 09.00

27. Scandinavian Western Cut Open
28. RHC Dummy Tying 2:nd go
29. RHC Pole Bending Final
30a. AQHA Working Cowhorse Amateur, pattern
30b. RHC Bridle Non Pro
31. RHC Dummy Stopping Final
32. RHC Bridle Spectacular Open,  part 3, Fence Work
33. RHC Team Penning, 2:nd go
34. RHC Ranch Sorting Final

Apx 19.00 Evening show

Sunday June 29, start 09.00

35a. AQHA Cutting Open
35b. RHC Cutting Open
36. RHC Dummy Tying Final
37. RHC Bridle Open, pattern
38. RHC Barrel Race Final
39. RHC Team Penning Final
40. RHC Roper of the year

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