Purchasing Your First Cutting Horse

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A horse-showing how-to: Prepare to step into the cutting pen.


Pictured Hilde Lievens and her great Seco Dinero. Photo MiaK
Purchasing a cutting horse requires asking the right questions in regard to the horse’s past and experience. Journal photo.

From The American Quarter Horse Journal

It’s time.

You’ve taken a few lessons and perhaps even ridden a show or two aboard someone else’s horse. Now you’ve decided you’re ready for your very own cutting horse.

But how do you go about finding the right one for you?

National Cutting Horse Association former president and AQHA judge Mike Mowery of Llano, Texas, offers this advice on choosing your first cutting horse:

First, Get Some Help

Finding a cutting horse for a beginner can be tough. Many times, a beginner doesn’t know what he or she needs in a first cutting horse.

That’s why I think it is important to get hooked up with someone who is knowledgeable in cutting horses, whether it is a trainer or a friend. As a buyer, you want somebody you have confidence in and who can guide you in the right direction.

Then don’t get in a hurry and buy the first horse you see. You might have to look at a lot of horses before you find the right one, but if you have someone helping you, they can help spot the right one when it shows up.

My philosophy when I’m helping someone buy a horse is that I want the horse to sell himself rather than me trying to convince the buyer this is the right horse.

Do Your Homework by Asking Questions:

1. Ask the person helping you if he is familiar with this horse or seller.
2. Has the horse had any previous history of lameness?
3. Does the horse have any bad habits, such as cribbing, biting, bucking, kicking or hauling problems?
4. What is the horse’s show record and cutting experience?
5. Has this horse been passed around a lot or had several different owners?
6. Does the seller guarantee this horse to be sound and is he willing to allow a veterinary check of this horse?
7. Is there anything else you should know about this horse?

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