NCHA Scandinavia and SRCHA Annual Meeting’s and Westerngalan Sweden


The dinner were held at Rosers salonger, Skara and 250 hungry cowboys and cowgirls enjoyed the good food and the beautiful interior. Westerngalan4


Year End Award presentation. Westerngalan6

Cactus Roper Tommy Arvidsson and Carolina Grudin winner of the saddle from Cactus EuropeWesterngalan7

Cactus Europe’s CEO Lars Madsen gives away the nice looking reining saddle.

NCHA Scandinavia annual meeting

It’s not a huge organisation but more than 50% of the members attended the meeting. Some new names in the board and some old ones left.

Topics of the meeting were of course voting for the new board but focus on clinics and shows. There will probably be at least two clinics with foreign trainers aand some one-day-clinics with Scandinavian trainers. The most interesting news is that NCHA Scandinavia are planning for a show tour with one-day-events to keep the costs down for the participants.

NCHA Scandinavia had apx. 70 members during 2013 and 35 of them came to the annual meeting. More info and official meeting protocol at

The New board:
President Ulf Tullberg
Vice President Martin Langels
Cashier Emilia Johansson
Secretary Malin Fornander
Chairman Kate Morén
Chairman Kerstin Löf
Commissioner Anna-Carin Björklund
Commissioner Brian Kronborg
Commissioner Christian Nohr
Leaving the board is former president Göran Lindstöm, vice president Torbjörn Johansson and Chairmans Lars Rask and Michael Kalén.
The winners of NCHA Year End Award:

Non Pro Torbjörn Johansson

Non Pro Horse ML Kittycat (CATS MERADAxMERADAS KITTY) Owned by Torbjörn Johansson

Open Göran Lindström

Open horse Boon Be Black (Blue Bayou Boon x MRS SS Pretty Woman owned by QÅ Service KB

Member of the Year Mikael Lindström

Turnback of the year Malin Sjutti

Achievment of the year Michael Kalén

SRCHAs Annual Meeting

It was time for a change at some of the most important posts even in SRCHA and the new board looks like this:

President Styrbjörn Persson
Vice President Viktoria Augustsson
Chairman Thomas Thorvaldsen
Chairman Karl Lönnberg
Chairman Malin Torstensson
Commissioner Kenneth Wetterlund
Commissioner Thorbjörn Larsson

Accountant: Isak Gustafsson
Accountant Commissioner: Susanna Sundquist.

The protocol from the annual meeting will be available at

Year end Awards from SRCHA:

Open Bridle – Nic It With Buc Joakim Pettersson 720 300 1020,00

5KOpen Bridle – Nic It With Buc Joakim Pettersson 720 720,00
Open Snaffelbit/Hackamore – Our Smart Chexolena Robert Lagergren 175 480 175 150 980,00
Herdwork Open – Our Smart Chexolena Robert Lagergren 577,5 672 425 1674,50
Non Pro Limited – Smart Camolena Åsa Zandelin 420 1140 490 225 367,5 2642,50
Non Pro Bridle – Pep Olena Nic Anders Persberg 420 600 180 315 1515,00
Non Pro Snaffelbit/Hackamore –  Star By The Bay Jenny Mathisson 210 367,5 577,50
Rookie Limited – Star By The Bay Jenny Mathisson 210 367,5 577,50
5K Non Pro Bridle – Does not count for YEA Takemedownthefence Caroline Karlsson 315 315,00
Youth Limited – Sheza Quick Shiner Sofie Antonsson 210 210,00
Bridle Spectacular Open – Very Smart Dresser Ralph Hull 1320 1320,00
Bridle Spectacular Non Pro – Starlights Foxie Magnus Gustafsson 1000 600 1600,00
Bridle Spectacular LTD Non Pro – Gunnabeluckylegend Anneli Svensson 600 500 1100,00
Western Branch Year End Awards

Dummy Stopping – BBS Royal Slim Fella Tommy Arvidsson 12 8 12 32

Dummy Tying – BBS Royal Slim Fella Tommy Arvidsson 12 10 10 32

Dummy Roping – SB Dixi Inviting Tommy Arvidsson 12 7 7 26

Pole Bending – Wielka Epona Jeanette Davidsson 12 12 10 34

Barrel Race – Wielka Epona Jeanette Davidsson 10 12 8 30

Reining Open – Peanut Please Åsa Zandelin 9 9 12 30

Reining Non Pro – Peanut Please Åsa Zandelin 12 4 12 28

Working Cowhorse Open – Our Smart Chexolena Robert Lagergren 12 12 10 34

Working Cowhorse Non Pro – Poco Vanilla Sky Daniel Gustafson 12 7 12 31

Team Penning – Trio Spin Lulle Eriksson 10 4 10 24, Marie Johansson 10 4 10 24, Yvonne Svenningsson 10 4 10 24

Team Sorting – Team Stockholm Western Store Tommy Arvidsson 12 12 12 36, Brigitta Freter 12 12 12 36

Working Cowhorse LTD Non Pro – Smart Camolena Åsa Zandelin 12 10 12 34

Cutting Open – Mister Cute Nic Ulf Tullberg 8 12 10 30

Cutting Non Pro – Mister Cute Nic Ulf Tullberg 10 12 12 34