Foundation – saddle pad from Cactus

90390a-2010 (kopia) 90391a-2010 (kopia)

This is a really great looking and supportive saddle pad/blanket from Cactus Saddlery that offers:

  • Blanket Top- 100% New Zealand wool blanket that measures 34” X 36”. Tightly woven and heavy to prevent stretching, wear, and fading.
  • Felt Center – ½” 100% wool felt, provides the proper base foundation for this pad. The felt is set to run the full length of the saddle bars to ensure a close contact fit. There are leg cut outs as well as cut outs over the withers to provide the ultimate fit and protection.
  • Fleece Lining – 100% Merino Wool lining offers the maximum comfort for the horse. This light weight breathable material wicks away moisture and allows heat to escape from the horses back.



Two color

Blanket Top Only ( 34” X 36”)
Blanket Top Felt
Blanket Top Felt Fleece

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